Great, You're Ready To Go Solar!

Hello again,

While going Solar, you give up nothing, you still have all the electricity you need.

You just don't need it all from your current source.

As we discussed when we met, this future energy debt is unavoidable.

​You or a family member can get sick, your car engine could blow up, you can lose a source of income.

You are going to have this electric payment. Get something for it.

Solar offers an alternative strategy to how you use the monthly payments you’ve been making.

First, we're going to lock a portion of your electric bill so it stops increasing and will eventually go away; 

​Then add a bit of fresh equity to your home, get some tax credits and add some energy saving extras.

You have the option at anytime to pay-off your Solar and have free power from the sun for many years to come.

Your utility does not currently offer ANY benefit like this. ​

There's just a better way these days to use your electric payments.

We agreed:

1- You must make a payment right now to 'keep the lights on'.

2- ​Over 10 years should rates never increase​, an average $180 electric bill becomes $21,600+

​3- We both know your monthly payment is going up just about every year.

​ Your ​electric bill only goes up, buys you nothing and it's forever. A terrible deal.


Rent Power

benefits of staying

the course


Federal Tax Credit


New Home Equity


​LED Bulbs, ​Sense Energy Management,

Solar Attic Fan


Payment ​to Electric company forever increases.

Nothing to show for it.




​Benefits going solar

​with EMG


Federal Tax Credit


New Home Equity


​LED Bulbs, ​Sense Energy Management,

Solar Attic Fan

​The good stuff too.

​Payment ​to your system stays fixed.

10 years from now ​thousands that would have gone to your electric company, went to you.

​Your money to an asset that provides a return for over 25 years.  Just like 'they' were going to do with that money.

​25 warrantied years of payback.

​You've protected a significant portion of your usage from rate increases.

​You invested in American Products​.

​And, you are making a real effort to make the Earth a little bit cleaner, greener place.

Congrats and Thank You.


a better strategy than EMG SOLAR

​If you figure this out, please let us know about it.

​We ​guarantee.

​25 Year Warranty, Tier One, Mono Solar Panels.

​That have the lowest field failure rates of any solar panels in the world.

​Black on Black to look marvelous.

​25 Year warranty Enphase Micro Inverter. A US company that leads the industry in micros by a long shot.

​Lifetime system reporting.

​The best racking, flashing's and install in the business. We've ​completed hundreds of systems.

NABCEP Certified Install

No Commission Sales. ​

No Up Front Cost.

We are confident on the production of your system, PVWATT was used to estimate. How you use the electricity and it's affect on your utility bill can vary.

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