How ​to Get More Out of Your Hard Earned Dollars.

Get the facts about Solar:

Google, Amazon and Apple; Governments, Non-Profits and Homeowners across the globe are investing in Solar Energy.

What to they know?

​The same thing your neighbors know who have 'Gone Solar'​ with Energy Miser Group.

We explain how Solar really works.

Let us show you how money once donated to the power company can be turned into a valuable asset.

​Meet some happy clients below, they avoided the many pitfalls of investing in Solar.  

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Energy Miser clients turn wasted payments sent to the utility every month into ownership.

When Energy Miser clients 'Go Solar', they;

  • improve their home's resale value.
  • protect the majority of their usage from future rate increases.
  • while reducing their total monthly expense.
  • protect and extend the life of their roof,​ the list of benefits goes on and on.
  • However, most of all, they actually enjoy looking at their electric bill.

​Adding ​up the savings.

”​I say I was paying $209 a month on average.

And now, we'll it's about $20".


'The Best Thing I've Done in a Long Time...'

“You did what you said you would. The quality was exceptional. The inspectors said the job was perfect, best they had seen. You filed all the paperwork and maybe best of all, my bill is closer to $30 average a month, rather than $200."


​'I just love this whole system.'

​“​My upstairs is 20 to 30 degrees cooler from the solar panels and fan, meter running backwards, I can already see and feel the savings."


​'Meter is running backwards, that's what I like.'

​Meet Heidi and Ron. ​'You did everything you said you would'. Ron would be happy to tell you more about us. Click and explore our many clients recommending Energy Miser Group.


About ​Energy Miser Group

The owners and installers that make up Energy Miser Group have worked together and installed over 350 systems over the last 4 years.

We have been busy and in the process, we've learned a lot.  That is the greatest value anyone can offer you and just what you gain when working with us. Our Solar PV systems outperform most other Solar PV systems offered for ​very clear reasons. ​Our clients significantly lower electric bills reflect the quality and experience of Energy Miser Group.
​No Risk – We are financially capable and confident. We don’t ask for trust, we earn it. We install your system with no upfront costs, with the best product on Earth. ​​If you are serious about changing the way you pay for electricity in the Carolina's, and want to truly know if Solar is right for you, we should be your first contact. 

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