Meet ​Diana & Brian

​Meet Sylvia

​Sylvia lives in Marshville, NC

She's really cool and relaxed. Before and after meeting Energy Miser Group.

EMG's 'After the Install' series.

​Diana and Brian of Newton, NC. ​

​Energy Miser Group ​​​met with Diana and Brian​ and explained our ​ strategy of dealing with rising energy costs.

 Once they understood Solar,

moving forward became easy.

​Let Brian tell you how his system ​install went.

Click on the image below.

​If you can find testimonials on-line from other Solar companies, take notice of most, perhaps all of the reviews. Seems to be up to and including the installation date has everyone excited and full of anticipation. It's reviews after that stand out.

So we would like to point out another wonderful story of ​after the system was running a few months.

​We were sent this email and a copy of their electric bill.

'The Duke bill is a little more complicated. They are not able to figure out exactly what I owe. The attached bill shows two months, but the timing is off because the changed the billing dates on me. ​ The new billing is much lower but I think it is because it is not a full monthly bill. I attach it so you can see what I mean. ​Very strange. Nevertheless, the reduced charges seem good to me.

​This makes us happy. ​It's a solar monthly electric bill. 

Basically, the bill is so low, our clients think it's a mistake.

​​Thank you for trusting us Brian and Diana, get used to the new bill,

you're seeing an Energy Miser investment at work.  

Below, their bill chopped down to size.

  • ​So when are you going to change how your hard earned money is spent?
  • Why waste another months payment to your electric utility and own nothing?

​Energy Miser Group has a predictable strategy

designed to help you deal with this ever increasing, never ending bill.

I'd like to know what Diana & Brian know.

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​If you are in NC, in 2015 the NC State 35% Tax Rebate disappeared. 

Prices have not dropped 35%, in fact they are inching up.

​In 2019 the 30% Fed Tax Credit goes away. ​

Waiting is not working out.

​​​​Save Money and the Earth

​Take a look at some of Energy Miser Groups systems and meet more

Happy Solar Clients!

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