​Meet Jim 

​Jim lives in New London, NC, he'd give you a warm Southern 'Hello'. 

He was considering another company​, shopping around, trying to get 'quotes'. Perhaps just like you are now.

However, Jim was lucky to have a friend named Gary.

Maybe you don't have a 'Gary' in your inner circle​ who has had a good experience with Solar Energy.

​When Gary found out Jim was considering investing in Solar,

Jim was told, 'Don't do anything until you speak with Rob at Energy Miser Group'.

​Gary had sat through other Solar appointments and knew what Jim had likely experienced.

What you'll likely encounter with many 'Solar' companies is a manner of 'explaining' solar so that you 'think' you know what you need to. 

Problem is, you don't know what questions to ask,

that's the pitfall.

You need an education.

Not this useless Ben Franklin Sales Quote.

Then Energy Miser Group ​stepped in and educated Jim, as we have 100's of homeowners, and Jim realized how Solar should work and how he was about to pay too much and ​for interior products.

​When Jim understood how Solar really works,

moving forward became easy.

​Let Jim tell you how his system is performing.

Actually Jim's bills are less than $20 now. ​

Below you can see $209 is now $18.81 and $16.23.

​​ One of the things Jim learned; Solar is predictable math.

​Jim also has a system that has a 25 year warranty, that's transferable. 

  • With USA products, from racking to panels. 
  • A system architecture designed to eliminate single points of failure.
  • Solar panels that have the lowest failure rate of any panel on Earth.
  • Free reporting, panel by panel, for life.
  • Freed himself from yearly rate increases on a substantial portion of his electric bill.​

So when are you going to change how your hard earned money is spent?

Why waste another month's payment to your electric utility and own nothing?

There's a modern solution to an age old problem.

Energy Miser Group are absolute experts at solar energy,

 guiding you through the pitfalls and explaining the strategy behind Solar.

We promise a stress-free, educational consultation,

designed to help you deal with this forever increasing, never ending bill.

I'd like to know what Jim knows.

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​If you live in North Carolina, consider this.

In 2015 the NC State 35% Solar Tax Rebate disappeared. 

Prices did not drop 35%, in fact they are inching up.

​2019 the 30% Fed Solar Tax Credit ​starts disappearing.

Now 30% Solar Tariffs.

Waiting is not working out.

​Further, if you send that monthly rent check for electricity to Duke Energy,

NOW is the time to consider Solar seriously.

Duke is paying you to go Solar and avoid the 13% rate increase.


​Have a peak at some of Energy Miser Group's systems and meet

more Happy Solar Clients!

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