​Thinking About Solar?

Seems we agreed on a few basic facts when we met.

1- You have been and must continue to pay about $​200 every month, on time.

2- $2,400 a year, $24,000+ over 10 years should rates never increase.

​3- We both know your monthly payment is likely to increase every year, 13.6% this year alone.

Yet, you'll own nothing​.

​​I'm simply suggesting a different strategy.

Buy something with that ​hard-earned money. You are guaranteed to have to spend it. ​

​You or a family member could get sick, lose your income or your car engine could blow up.

You will still have to pay at least $200 every month. ​Forever.

So you need a plan to pay this huge liability.

​​​​​Our current clients say yes to all of the following.

1- Did you get back $2,000, 4,000, $6000, $9000 in extra Federal Taxes last year to help you avoid future rising energy bills?

2- Did you add, at a minimum, $5,000 to possibly $40,000 in new home equity last year?

​3- Without fear of any new property tax?

4- With no upfront cost?

5- Is your house easier to sell if you had to move?

​6- Have you significantly avoided any future electricity rate increases?

​​7- Do you have a sense of joy looking at your electric bill?

​​​None of these many benefits happen if you keep paying the electric bill the way you are.

​​​​You'd be hard pressed to find a team like ours that has more experience in the Carolina's designing and installing Solar PV.

​​Google our name, you'll find little about us, no one's complaining, just a few videos. All these systems and no complaints. It's not because we are prefect, it's because we were realistic with you.

​​You were not told this was free or going to take your bill to zero​. ​

​​​You also know, like few other solar owners do, that you have the ability to expand, add battery storage coupled with a superior system architecture. Lifetime reporting, 25-year warranty on US company products and extras that make a difference; solar attic fans and energy saving thermostats to name a few.

Google, Amazon, Apple, Duke, on and on, know what you now know.

​They ​continue to invest huge sums of capital in Solar. You'd think they'd figure out by now this solar stuff just doesn't work.

​ ​Let's look at the choices again​, because it's not safer or less painful to do nothing.

Consider the choices below:


Rent Power

benefits of staying the course


Federal Tax Credit


New Home Equity


Duke Solar Rebate


Solar Attic Fan, Nest, LEDs'.


Average monthly electric payment in 5 years.


10 years debt payment


Nothing to show for it.




Almost instant benefits of going solar


Federal Tax Credit


New Home Equity*


Duke Solar Rebate**


Solar Attic Fan, Nest, LED's, Wrap H2O 

Average monthly electric payment in 5 years.


​Projected savings of over $​45,000 in electric expenses over 20-25 years.

​25 warrantied years.

​* Based on Berkley Solar Value Study 

**Based on availability Duke Rebate of .60 a watt.


a better strategy than SOLAR and EMG

Let us know about it.

​We ​guarantee.

​25 Year 'Dual' Warranty

US Made Solar Panels.

​That have the lowest field failure rate of any solar panel in the world.

​Black on Black to look marvelous.

​25 Year warranty Enphase Micro Inverter. A US company that leads the industry in micros by a long shot.

​Lifetime system reporting.

​The best racking, flashing's and install in the business. We've ​completed hundreds of systems.

NABCEP Certified Install

No Commission Sales. ​


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