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Let’s Meet Susie & Jim – ENERGY MISER GROUP

​Let's meet susie

​​​Susie and Jim live in Charlotte, NC.

​They mine for BitCoin.

​So don't judge a book by it's cover. :>)

​​Susie and Jim were suddenly facing a $300 monthly ​electric bill.

Their previous average bill was $166. ​​

August/September of 2017 Susie had a $304 electric bill and in

2018 with Solar, the bill is $172. 

​Susie and Jim's payment to save the $132 is $83.

When Susie's monthly bill returns to the $170 average which is expected in two years, 

her system will reflect a 90% reduction in her future energy purchases.

We get to know our clients and learn about both current an future plans,

then carefully design a strategy to meet their needs.

​Susie writes:

'Yes, we are VERY happy now that everything is working and reporting.

If you want a good review or testimonial​, please call us...

​Thanks a lot.


​Below Susie's 2018 electric bill in half, now it's $20-$50.

​as evidenced by this email exchange May 2019.

​Yes, a year later and happier.

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