​Let's meet ​Lou

​More like a Case Study with a Testimonial Inside.

​​​Lou lives with his lovely wife Fern in Mooresville, NC.

​Lou loves tennis.

He can tell you loads of stats that support the fact

you'll live longer if you play tennis.

So that conversation inspired the study of Lou's Solar Investment.

How have the Stats turned out?

​This isn't a warm and fuzzy testimonial, 

we get into the numbers.

​Let's begin.

Below you will see Lou had a $26.33 ​electric bill.

Lou's average bill was $114.00 when we met. ​

The system chosen by Lou was predicted to average a 70% reduction of the bill in dollars. 

This month was 77%, just about right since this a summer month.

So far, so good? Yep.

Lou's average monthly usage in kilowatt hours is 1057 kWh.

​During this particular billing cycle, they used 1066 kWh,

slightly above average. In terms of usage, Lou saved 86% over last years usage and 89% when we factor in the added usage.

Take a look at Lou's bill below.

​The Situation

​Just another substantially reduced electric bill,

one of many we share on line​.

​However, many folks may think:

What kind of return are Lou and Fern ​

realizing on this investment? 

Maybe they are losing money to

get these 'so called savings'.

The first indication the numbers make Lou happy, 

Lou refers us to his friends.

The situation:

​Lou and Fern chose to pay-down the balance of the financing following a no-money down install and Federal Tax Rebate.

​They knew they would need to produce a 12% ROI to equal the 7% return their Solar Investment has produced early on.  

Rate Information And Analysis
Before-tax return on savings:
Less federal taxes:
Less state taxes:
Plus adjustment for federal deductibility of state taxes:
Equals after-tax return equivalent:

​What were some typical options for this capital besides solar?

​​​None of the options above also provide Lou:

  • ​substantial added home equity
  • freeze electric rate increases for 70% of his electric bill
  • help him sell his home quicker

How did we get 7%?

​​​​​​​Energy Miser ​clients know they are not buying something.

They shift monthly payments previously promised to the utility, towards an asset that provides a​ return on investment for them,

not their utility. ​​

​Energy Miser Group clients recognize that $114 every month

 adds up to $1,368 a year and they understand with a moderate increase of 3% a year, next 10 years, they are into over $17,000.  


Have you done your math?

What is your plan for energy in the future? ​

​Take a look at some of the many Solar installations we've successfully completed.

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