Meet ​Diana & Brian

EMG's 'After the Install' series.

​Diana and Brian of Newton, NC. ​

​Energy Miser Group ​​​met with Diana and Brian​, we explained our ​ strategy of dealing with rising energy costs.

 Once they understood Solar,

moving forward became easy.

​Let Brian tell you how his system ​install went.

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​Hum, testimonials on-line...

We noticed ​most happy solar reviews seem to be up to and including the

 installation date, like the one you just heard.

But what happens after the install?

Everyone is excited and full of anticipation in the beginning.

 ​How about After, now that shows value, experience and the ability to deliver.

Let's face it, showing up on time and being friendly should be a given,

not bragging rights.

So we would like to point out another wonderful story of ​

after the system was running a few months and through Hurricane Florence.

​We were sent this email and a copy of their first full electric bill.

'The Duke bill is a little more complicated. They are not able to figure out exactly what I owe..​ The new billing is much lower but I think it is because it is not a full monthly bill. I attach it so you can see what I mean. ​Very strange. Nevertheless, the reduced charges seem good to me.

​This makes us happy, never mind of course Diana & Brian.

Basically the electric bill is so low, ​our clients think it's a mistake.

​​Thank you for trusting us Brian and Diana, ​enjoy the smaller electric bill​.

​An Energy Miser investment at work.  

Below their bill, chopped down to size.

Then we received this email after hurricane Florence rolled through in 2018.
Rob, Hope you and yours are ok after the storm. 
Just a note to say thanks for all your work on our solar system.
We survived Florence with nary a scratch. Even your sign survived. All systems are go.
And better yet, our check fro Duke Energy came over the weekend. I’ll deposit today and pay down financing.
All going as planned and we really appreciate all your work.
Proud to be an Energymiser.
Cheers, Brian and Diana Stone

​Energy Miser Group has a predictable strategy

designed to help you deal with this forever increasing,

never ending bill.​

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