​Thinking About Solar?

​Do we agree on a few basic facts?

1- You must continue to pay about $​​225 every month, on time to Union Power.

2- $​2,700 a year, $​27,000+ over 10 years should rates never increase. After tax money, you need to earn $3,200 this year.

​3- We both know your monthly payment is likely to increase every year. Just about guaranteed to increase.

Yet, you'll own nothing​.

​So consider again a simple strategy. Similar to the strategy you are using for your home.

It's not some screaming better deal to have a mortgage over a landlord.

However, over time, financing works out better owning then paying rent.

​Buy something with that ​hard-earned money you throw away on electric bills. 

You are guaranteed to have to spend it. ​

​You or a family member could get sick, lose your income or your car engine could blow up.

You will still have to pay at least $​225 every month. ​Forever.

So you need a plan to pay this huge liability.

​​​​​Our current clients say yes to all of the following.

1- Did you get back $2,000, 4,000, $6000, $9000 in extra Federal Taxes last year to help you avoid future rising energy bills?

2- Did you add, at a minimum, $5,000 to possibly $40,000 in new home equity last year?

​3- Without fear of any new property tax?

4- With no upfront cost?

5- Is your house easier to sell if you had to move?

​6- Have you significantly avoided any future electricity rate increases?

​​7- Do you have a sense of joy looking at your electric bill?

​​​None of these many benefits happen if you keep paying the electric bill the way you are.

​​​​You'd be hard pressed to find a team like ours that has more experience in the Carolina's designing and installing Solar PV.

​All these systems and no complaints. It's not because we are prefect, it's because we were realistic with you.

​​You ​are not told this is free or going to take your bill to zero​. ​

​​​You also know, like few other solar owners do, that you have the ability to expand, add battery storage coupled with a superior system architecture. Lifetime reporting, 25-year warranty on US company products and extras that make a difference; solar attic fans and energy saving items to name a few.

Google, Amazon, Apple, Duke, on and on, know what you now know.

​They ​continue to invest huge sums of capital in Solar. You'd think they'd figure out by now this solar stuff just doesn't work.

​ ​Let's look at the choices​​.

​Current single payment for nothing:  $225

Solar payment:  $183

​New Union Payment: $30

Total: $213 to own something $225 to own nothing.

Each year the savings get better with Zero down and

 1.5 years Interest Only Payment with no payment until 30 days after install.

10 year payback with savings reinvestment, each year the savings grow.

Consider the choices below:




benefits of staying the course - ZERO

Federal Tax Credit


New Home Equity


​Solar Attic Fan, ​LED's, Wrap H2O


Average monthly electric payment in 5 years.


10 years debt payment


Nothing to show for it.




Almost instant benefits of going solar - $​30,000+

Federal Tax Credit


New Home Equity*


​Solar Attic Fan, ​LED's, Wrap H2O


Average monthly electric payment in 5 years.


​Projected savings of over ​$69,000 in electric expenses over 20-25 years.

​25 warrantied years.

​* Based on Berkley Solar Value Study 


a better strategy than SOLAR and EMG

Let us know about it.

​We ​guarantee.

​25 Year 'Dual' Warranty

US Made Solar Panels.

​​​Black on Black to look marvelous.

​25 Year warranty Enphase Micro Inverter. A US company that leads the industry in micros by a long shot.

​Lifetime system reporting.

​The best racking, flashing's and install in the business. We've ​completed hundreds of systems.

NABCEP Certified Install

No Commission Sales. ​


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