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Join our clients in North & South Carolina who have successfully 'Gone Solar'​. ​They​ share their electric bills with you to prove it​.

​Energy Miser Group has so many install photos and testimonials, ​you'll probably not view them all.

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​Adding ​up the savings.

”​I say I was paying $209 a month on average.

And now, we'll it's about $20".


​"Meter is running backwards, that's what I like."

​Meet Heidi and Ron. Happy Energy Miser clients. 


​'I just love this whole system.'

​“​My upstairs is 20 to 30 degrees cooler from the solar panels and fan, meter running backwards, I can already see and feel the savings."


The Best Thing I've Done in a Long Time...

“You did what you said you would. The quality was exceptional. The inspectors said the job was perfect, best they had seen. You filed all the paperwork and maybe best of all, my bill is closer to $30 average a month, rather than $200."


About ​Energy Miser Group

If you've already experienced a 'solar' salesperson, we apologize. There are so many people that print a business card now and instantly know Solar. They use 'networks' of installers they often have never even met. ​​They have few answers to your questions, ​presenting a folder full of colorful pages, filled with lots of numbers that add up to nothing in your head... ​What a nightmare.

There is an alternative. 

Energy Miser clients choose Solar based on education and an understanding of the data. The owners and installers that make up Energy Miser Group have worked together and installed over 350 systems over the last 4 years. We have been busy. In the process, you learn a lot. NABCEP Certified, financially capable and confident in our results. We don’t ask for trust, we earn it. We install your system with no upfront costs, with the best product on Earth. Our Solar PV systems outperform most other Solar PV systems offered for ​very clear reasons. ​If you are serious about changing the way you pay for electricity in the Carolina's, and want to truly know if Solar is right for you, we should be your first contact.

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  • ​Meet Heidi & Ron
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Meet ​Susie

​​Su​sie has her concerns,
a sky high electric bill is no longer one of them. ​
Susie writes:

'Yes, we are VERY happy now that everything is working and reporting.

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​Thanks a lot.


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